EMPROVER – the aim of the project is to contribute to VET Staff by giving them the possibilities to enhance their skills in Web business and Web business promotion. It provides them with technological and ICT related tools, thanks to which they can implement training programme on Web business.


The objective of this project is to cope with the lack of web entrepreneurship education among VET students, to give them better tools, and to provide them with better educators who will guide them in web business economic sector. It will not only help young people to create new businesses, but also provide students with useful on labour market soft skills. EMPROVER will help VET schools in important task of supporting future businessmen who wants to follow a career in self-employment, by providing them entrepreneurship training, support and encouraging creative thinking. Project will develop digital and technological competences of both students and educators.


All project partners are currently working on creating on-line tools and programme which will help VET educators to implement a web business oriented programme in their class activities. Those tools will contribute to continuous professional development of all kind of VET mentors not only in schools but also in work-based settings. We are focusing on an open, effective education through the use of ICT. Project will provide VET organisations with innovative practices embedded in digital era using a created e-learning platform and OER on a topics of web business for VET.


Bearing in mind the youth unemployment challenge that Europe is currently facing, web business can offer young people an opportunities to create jobs for themselves and for others. Supporting entrepreneurship in VET training plays increasingly important role as we seek the ways to help young people to enter labour market.


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