The second project meeting took place in 22th of may Perugia, City of our host and partner INFOLOG SRL. Emprover Project consists of members of the strategic partnership of the Erasmus+ Program from four European states: Sweden, Italy, Spain and Poland. The partners represent both public and private sector, in the fields of social and educational activities. Experience of all members of the partnership in digital and business solutions enables them deliver most up to date training program as well as exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The cooperation in a Emprover project allows all partners to develop a bespoke training activities tailored to meet the need for professional training on entrepreneurship and online business.

During the project meeting the distribution of tasks for the training program was a crucial task to plan, partners divided training content into four modules consisting of a broad range of topics:

Module 1

– What kind of business can I have on the Internet and how can you finance it? The internet entrepreneur: new ideas and business models to take to the Internet. How to finance its start-up.

Module 2

– How to create a web business? How to work with my team and collaborators? Creation of a web business (including SaaS ) and ICT collaboration tools for young entrepreneurs and companies.

Module 3

– How to promote my business online? How can I use social networks for my business? Internet Marketing for young entrepreneurs. Facebook and Twitter for young entrepreneurs and workers.

Module 4

-How to sell on the Internet? How to create my online store? Introduction to e-commerce for SMEs. Creating online stores ( including currently available SaaS solutions).

Thanks to our host partner INFOLOG, the meeting was very successful and division of tasks was comprehensive. Furthermore a cultural visit to the beautiful city of Perugia was an unforgettable experience.

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